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Majahual: Hurricane Update

Further to my post below, it was confirmed that Hurricane Dean did in fact smash directly into the little village of Majahual.  It has been difficult following the specifics, as most media have reported from Chetumal, the State capital about 40 miles south.  However, I have found some small snippets.

The eye of the hurricane made landfall around 4:30 a.m. near the tourist resort of Majahual, about 40 miles northeast of the regional capital Chetumal, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.
-- NY Times

Majahual “It wasn’t minutes of terror. It was hours,” said Catharine Morales, 30, a native of Montreal, who has lived in Majahual for a year. “The walls felt like they were going to explode.”  Morales weathered the storm in her new brick-walled house with her husband and 7-month-old daughter, Luna. Dean blew out the windows and pulled pieces from their roof.  But they fared better than most: Hundreds of homes in the Caribbean town of Majahual collapsed as Dean crumpled steel girders, splintered wooden structures and washed away about half of the immense concrete dock that transformed the sleepy fishing village into Mexico’s second-busiest cruise ship destination.  The storm surge covered almost the entire town in waist-deep sea water, said fishermen Jorge Gonzalez, 29. He found refuge in the back room of a beachfront store whose steel security curtains were blown out, and had to help his dog Camilo keep his head above the rising tide.  "There came a moment when I thought this was the end,” Gonzalez said.
-- AP report

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