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Look Out!

Felix_1 Tropical Storm Felix is building strength as it passes north of the Venezuelan coast.  It is expected to become a hurricane later this weekend.  The projected track suggests it will slam into the Yucatan or Belize in the middle of the week.

Look out Majahual! Those poor folks are still suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Dean, and another big storm is the last thing they need right now.  Nothing much we can do except sit and watch and hope for the best.


Majahual_jetty After publishing this post, I went looking for updates on the conditions at Majahual.  At a Belizean site, I found this image which comes from a Mexican magazine.  It seems to show severe damage to the jetty at Majahual.  This jetty has been vital to the village's growth and survival, allowing a number of cruise ships to tie up at the same time.  CruiseCritic.com reports that Costa Maya has been deleted from cruise itineraries for at least 6 months.

"The latest from Costa Maya is that more than 50 percent of the pier has been destroyed by Dean. Rebuilding will required a multi-million dollar investment, and it will be a minimum of six months before cruise ships will return to the port."

The same site has another first-hand account of conditions in the village from Julie Minter of Blue Ocean Safari Dive Center:

Majahual_2 "From the new light house all down the town of Mahahual, it is no longer Mahahual, everything is gone!" Many of the local businesses, she tells us, including restaurants, souvenir shops and dive shops are gone, with only a few buildings spared. Minter notes that "busted glass, water and wind damage is seen all over ... houses are left in pretty bad shape. It is a shame that not everyone knew or got to visit this beautiful well kept secret that we knew as 'our private paradise,' our little island."

Majahual_3 Similarly, from the San Francisco Chronicle:

"About 50 percent of the port complex - three ship berths, as well as pavilions for local and luxury shopping, a beach club, saltwater pools, entertainment center, restaurants and bars - was damaged by the hurricane, according to port spokesman Cesar Lizarraga. "An early estimate indicates the port will remain closed for six to eight months," he said."


The news and the sights clearly are not good, and any more damage from Felix will be a devastating second hit. 

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