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A Typical Rightwing Censor

I don't usually link to the nuts and crazies out there, especially not to foul-mouthed bigots such as Pejman Yousefzadeh. I'd rather answer their disgusting drivel on their own sites. However, many of the worst offenders no longer accept any comments at all (they no doubt think that are too important to deal with the likes of you and me) or, like Pejman, they simply delete any comments -- like mine -- that try to bring a ray of light into their benighted little worlds.

In the lead up to the latest example of censorship, Pejman had launched into his usual nonsense against liberals and opponents of the State Corporatist Patriot Act. He claims -- without any evidence -- that most critics of the Act haven't even read it. With the exact same amount of evidence, I have tried twice now to post a comment that I would wager a larger percentage of opponents of the Act have read it than have the simple-minded conservatives who have simply accepted it as a mandate from their betters.

Pej and his ilk would, of course, prefer that the main body of the citizenry be left in ignorance. Thus the book burnings that characterize the history of his type, and the refusal of Pej to accept my comments in the present instance. The far right are the same as Trotskyists and religious cultists in this regard -- They believe that if they keep the people ignorant, the commons will in turn think the leaders are clever and have all the answers. Unfortunately, in a country like the USA where basic education is so lacking in breadth and depth, they might be right.

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A Typical Rightwing Censor

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He deletes comments that show him up. There was this post where he disingenuously offers Brian Leiter a chance to defend himself against charges of sometimes being abrasive. He suggests Leiter adopt a more concillatory approach. Pejman says that "It would, after all, be the mature thing to do, and at the very least, Leiter would soon see the truth of the saying that one catches more flies with honey than one does with vinegar. " One commentor responded with this. "You are a fly undeserving of vinegar or honey. The tired shit covering your mundane blog suits you well." The comment was quickly deleted.

Posted by: Norm Jenson | May 11, 2004 6:19:50 PM

Whatever. Ignore the little creep. He finally pulled his link to my blog, which he'd had on his blogroll for two years. I have no idea why he linked me.

Posted by: mat | May 12, 2004 8:05:02 AM