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Bennett in '08

Someone who has neither virtue nor reason, and yet who feels it necessary to tell me what my style of liberty should be (in thrall to the corporatist idol, of course) is William J. Bennett. So, hold on to your gag reflex when turning to "Why We Fight", his latest spew in National Review Online.

bennettheritageBennett tells us that the "moral equivalence, and the adjectival equivalence, needs to end now." He tells us this immediately after telling us that the murder of Nicholas Berg is "inhuman" and therefore evil, while the murder of detainees in US custody is only "inhumane" and therefore somehow not so bad. He blames the media for showing the prison abuse pictures in full but editing the Berg execution video.

He complains that the media have censored out of existence pictures of Americans jumping from the Two Towers on 9/11. I guess he wants us to watch them regularly to top up our supply of indignant revenge. But I bet he supports the President's decision to censor images of American flag-draped coffins.

He is a journeyman ideologue, with immense power and yet no stink of the "professional politician" sticks to him. I'll wager ten bucks that Mr William J. Bennett will be one of the far right's candidates for President in 2008.

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