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I have always been uncomfortable with the success that has surrounded the Instapundit site. It always seemed to me that Glenn Reynolds simply put down a list of other people's work without much comment. He was - and is -- a portal, with about as much personality. However, it was also clear after a while that his choice of material was hardly random. Finally, MaxSpeaks gets it right:

"InstaPundit ... likes to pretend he presides in some neutral, centrist way over a liberally-defined, politically diverse "blogosphere." This is clever, but false. In fact he's a jingoist right-wing hack who thrives on McCarthyism. His definition of the acceptable spectrum of opinion is geared to desensitizing readers to the excesses of the uncouth rhetoric that can be found on blogs he promotes."
Right on, Max!

PS: Patrick Taylor at The Poison Kitchen is more succint.

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Strange, nasty, wildly inaccurate comment by MaxSpeaks. Even a casual reader of Instapundit recognizes that Glenn Reynolds is libertarian, rather than right-wing. Here -- http://www.instapundit.com/archives/012852.php -- and in other postings he's very critical of the PATRIOT act. Does this sound like a McCarthyite? And I don't think he's ever claimed to preside over the blogosphere in a "neutral, centrist way." At http://www.instapundit.com/archives/008390.php we can find the comment, "As to whether my presentation reflect my beliefs -- you bet it does. I also go out of my way to offset the biases of mainstream media..." Hardly a declaration of neutrality.

Posted by: Peter Caress | May 16, 2004 7:46:25 PM