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U.S. Regime in Kabul Deep In Drugs

When the Taliban ran Afghanistan, they almost eradicated the opium crop. Their methods may have been reprehensible (though not that different, I believe, than what the neo-cons would launch on America's inner cities if they were given the chance) but they succeeded. Now, more than two years after the overthrow of the militants, the US-puppet regime of Hamid Karzai is awash in drugs and corruption.

Don't take my wotrd for it. Here is Ali Ahmad Jalali, Interior Minister of that same regime:

"I can't tell you particularly who is doing what, but generally I can say, yes, we have proof that government officials, including security officials, are involved in drug trafficking," said Jalali, according to an account in the Washington Times. Government officials either protect the trade for a cut in the profits or are directly involved, he said. "In some parts, criminals are supported by those who have power," he said, referring to regional warlords such as Abdul Rostum who hold sway over large parts of the country. "In some cases, we have been able to identify and arrest them; in other cases, we have not been able to capture them." That is too often because of corruption, he said. "Unfortunately in Afghanistan administrative corruption is one of our main problems."
Afghanistan is anticipating a record crop of opium this year. Maybe that's what Bush was talking about when he called Afghanistan "a success" the other day.

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