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Brief Notices IX

There are three sports that are my particular favourites. Unfortunately, I have nothing today about ice hockey; however ...

... I was fascinated to read that the Chinese government has determined to make China a world power in cricket over the next few decades. "The prospect of the sound of leather on willow reverberating throughout the world's most populous nation is exciting international cricket officials. Lured by the commercial potential of the game in a country with 1.3 billion people, the Asian Cricket Council will formally accept China as its newest member in nine days' time."

... and as for road cycling, the Tour starts this weekend! Maybe Ulrich can finally stop the Armstrong train this year. Ideally timed, The New Criterion has Robert Messenger review a history of the Tour de France. "The race defies ordinary explanation. It is a team sport in which an individual wins. It is an athletic event that actually harms the athletes’ bodies."

Mounting a major musical on Broadway might be considered a sport by some, I guess. There are not so many new musicals these days and Terry Teachout puts that down to a decline in American confidence and a growing cyncism apparently personified in Stephen Sondheim.

Talking of show tunes, Johann Hari has an intriguing piece on the number of homosexual men in leadership roles in the supposedly violently anti-gay fascist movements around the world.

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