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The Glory of Doing Nothing

We are back after three days at Harrison Hot Springs, doing nothing there but totally relaxing: good food, long hot soaks, leisurly breakfasts with time to read the entire newspaper, walks along the lake -- can't beat it!

The weather was not cooperative; always heavy overcast, plenty of showers, and a torrential downpour last night. But that sure didn't matter one bit as my shoulders sank for the hundredth time into the glorious hot waters. We chose this weekend because it was the closing of the Harrison Sand Sculpture contest. The weather had pounded some of the entries, but most were standing up well. It is amazing what these folks can do with sand and water. When I can figure out why my USB cable isn't working, I'll post some photographs of this year's winners. In the meantime, here's a link to the organizer's site where images from previous years are available.

Not once did I think about getting on the computer, even though the hotel has a couple of WiFi stations (typepad's ability to let me post items for publication in the future is a great help!), and when we did catch the news on TV, nothing really claimed my attention. Not once did I think about the work on my desk that's urgent for delivery tomorrow, nor the fact that I'm double-booked most of Wednesday. I just sank quietly back into the steaming pool and felt the cool rain on my face.

I sure do need to do this every couple of months or so.

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