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Hatred In The Bloodstream of the Bush Base

Kevin Sites is the reporter who filmed a US Marine murdering an unarmed injured Iraqi.  He is now on the death list of Bush's base, the far right.   There is a very troubling site called "Free Republic" where these wingnuts have free rein to vent their frustrations and their murder-inciting rhetoric. 

In a discussion on that site, these are some of the things these sick folks say should happen to the reporter who, of course, did his job as he was supposed to:

"... the Marines [should] dish out the justice [to the reporter]."
"Turn Sites over to the terrorist.."
"No need for anything overt. Unfortunate things happen in combat zones, and if the
         reporter fails to hear someone yell "Sniper!!", well, c'est la guerre."
" This is one scumbag "reporter".
"Someone should've deserted him right before sunset in Fallujah, or some such
"This guy Sites shouldn't walk away from this unscathed. Red America wants
"I say take him out in the middle of fallujie in the middle of the night and drop him
"He should be tried and killed."

Bush's base sure don't like seeing the truth on TV, do they?

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