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Score Another One For George

Stamp_afghan_copy2_1George Bush and his minions call the invasion of Afghanistan a huge success.  Charles Krauthammer's gloating pre-election article is typical of the genre:

"[Afghanistan] represents the single most astonishing geopolitical transformation of the past four years ... creating in less than three years a fledgling pro-American democracy in a land that had no history of democratic culture and was just emerging from 25 years of civil war."

Rush Limbaugh calls the Afghani adventure "a profound and robust success," while Ollie North claims that the "the Afghan people are rejoicing," and saying that Bush's "Afghan achievement is enormous."  The State Department lauds what it calls "humanitarian success stories" and the White House itself is endlessly plugging this foreign policy "success".

Needless to say, many observers disagree with the Administration's rose-tinted view of the situation on the ground.  And so does reality. Just this weekend, for example, in the Ukraine we had yet more proof that simply allowing people to vote solves nothing, and the recent elections in Kabul which were cause for such momentous joy in Washington have similar value to those in Kiev.

More importantly for the long term, perhaps, is yet more proof that Afghanistan under the puppet American regime has become a narco-republic on a grand scale.  The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reports that

"opium cultivation has spread to all of Afghanistan’s 32 provinces, making narcotics the main engine of economic growth and the strongest bond among previously quarrelsome peoples. Valued at US$2.8 billion, the opium economy is now equivalent to over 60 per cent of Afghanistan’s 2003 GDP ... [C]orruption in the public sector, the die-hard ambition of local warlords, and the complicity of local investors are becoming a factor in Afghan life.”

Perhaps this is what George Bush meant when he proudly announced:

"Years of war and tyranny have eroded Afghanistan's economy and infrastructure, yet a revival is underway. Afghans are busy starting their own businesses.  Some 15,000 licenses have already been issued for foreign businesses and investors to explore economic opportunities in Afghanistan."

If so, score one for George!


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