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Deaths Bring Wrong Reasoning

Yesterday, in a terrible tragedy, four RCMP officers were shot dead by a criminal psycopath during a raid on a marijuana grow-op on a farm in Alberta.  Immediately, there are calls for additional and harsher penalties for marijuana cultivation.  One politician at least said that harsh sentences were the "only possible response" to such a tragedy.

Totally wrong.

The officers were killed not because marijuana was being grown, but because growing marijuana is illegal.  If marijuana cultivation had been legal, there would have been no reason for the police to be raiding the farm, and the killings would have been avoided.

There is no rational reason for marijuana to be illegal (especially while other far more dangerous drugs such as tobacco and alcohol are both legal and encouraged).  It is this irrationality that killed the RCMP officers.  It is about time we recognized that and ended this sham of a War on Some Drugs that kills so many people.

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I don't think they were killed because of the marijuana grow-op at all. It seems they were just checking out some stolen property on his farm and discovered the grow op by accident.

But I wouldn't be surprised if the marijuana was a factor. He was totally crazy and I'm sure smoking the stuff wasn't helping him. Some people shouldn't use it at all. Especially paranoid sociopaths.

Posted by: Newman | Mar 7, 2005 12:03:55 AM

As most people now know it didn't have anything to do with pot. However it got the ball rolling on a great topic. I have a feeling pressure from the united states has prevented this issue from being discussed as a serious topic in parliament. Whether you use it or not, making it legal allows government to control it, and tax it! It is also one less thing the RCMP have to worry about since half of them smoke it anyway. So make it legal and worry about more serious issues like perscription drugs causing death! Finally, I feel the same way with prostitution, make it legal but in a closed enviroment instead of on the street.

Posted by: Jeff Glen | Mar 10, 2005 9:18:11 PM

Yes this has brought up a very important issue, what concerns me is how the USA media reported this throughout the united states, literally connecting this act of violence with the ongoing "smuggling" problem with Marijuana to the Untited States... however they weren't quick to point out the large problem of cocaine being smuggled into Canada from the South.

I think all of Canada's "drug war" resources should go towards fighting cross-border traffickers. If there is any way to get the USA off our backs on this issue is to show we can stop it from being smuggled.

Posted by: Jhef | Mar 18, 2005 7:11:52 AM