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Arianna Huffington vs Matt Drudge

As many of you will know, Arianna Huffington has just launched a new "liberal" group blog that has attracted contributions from a wide variety of luminaries. Matt Drudge -- the far-right Florida-based couch potato who believes that just because his blog gets so many hits that he is somehow important --  is so scared of this new phenomenon that he has scoured the gutters for any anti-Huffington stories he can find.  I guess he is concerned that Arianna threatens his market share.

What the unimaginative Drudge fails to recognize is that Arianna's blog is completely different than his.  For one thing, it actually has content.  The Drudge Report has rarely been anything other than a long list of links to other people's creative work.  Drudge creates nothing, he merely lists -- like a telephone book.  Even the execrable Instapundit makes an attempt to surround his links with a little bit of context, but not the lazy Mr. Drudge.

Matt Drudge will probably always have more readers than Arianna Huffington but, just as the heavily used New York telephone directory will never compete intellectually with the New York Times, the Drudge Report cannot compare itself to real writing.

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