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North Korea's Nuclear Bombshell Reveals US Hypocrisy

There are reports that North Korea may be preparing to test a nuclear device.  Once again, Kim Jong Il has the rest of the world hanging on his every action.  Once again he has won the diplomatic battle because he controls the entire plot.

The great advantage of being a pariah state is that one doesn't have to worry about what anyone else says.  Especially, when the others doing all the talking are hypocrites.  Nuclear non-proliferation is America's policy -- but only so long as it suits them.  North Korea is doing nothing that hasn't been done before by India and Pakistan and Israel.  But it plays into the USA's plans for global hegemony to allow these to countries to play the nuclear card and to deny the same to North Korea, and Iran.

Can you imagine what America would do if North Korea had nuclear-armed submarines sailing around just as the aggressively destructive Israelis do?  Can you imagine the outraged consequences of North Korea selling nuclear technology to third world dictators as Pakistan and its intelligence community has done?  And yet Israel and Pakistan are close allies of the US, receiving billions upon billions of US taxpayers' money to continue their nuclear adventures.

Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy!  And all paid for with dollars stolen out of the working populations' pockets.

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