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More Things I Don't Understand

One of the first stories I heard on the radio this morning was about a new study from Europe that suggests that if women eat soy products it can significantly reduce fertility.  Apparently a protein is produced that damages sperm looking to fertilize eggs.  It seemed like an odd story to me.

Now I have read a couple of online stories about the same report -- from CNN, for instance, and the BBC -- and something still seemed strange.

But now I've figured out what disturbed me:  None of the stories discuss the fact that millions upon millions of soy-saturated Oriental women seem to have no trouble having babies by the bucket-load.  So, is this just a Caucasian problem?  Or is the report wrong?  Or am I missing something?

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Maybe the research was funded by the Dairy Industry

Posted by: Mrzebra | Jul 19, 2005 9:57:34 PM