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Maya for Tourists


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December 25th

It is now 12:30am on December 25th and we have just arrived back from a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean.  It's raining, of course, but that's OK -- home is home.

To all those who celebrate such things -- Merry Christmas.

If I can ever get through the 1,000+ emails I have waiting for me on my machines, I'll follow through on my resolution to post more frequently next year.

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John Lennon

Twenty five years, John.  Still we miss you. 

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A Placeholding Post

It has been quite a while since I posted here.  Mostly I've been working real hard, leaving little energy for much else.  But I'm also unimpressed with the news for the past week or so.  Nothing much of importance, for me at least, in American politics (though I continue to collect material for the Plamegate Chronology, another version of which will be issued soon).  And in Canada, an election has been called;  but we've been expecting that for some weeks, and the real campaign -- the campaign that will change minds, that will stay in the memory for a few weeks -- won't begin until the beginning of January.  In Vancouver, the civic elections came and went as I reported at the time.  No, these are the quiet times, between Thanksgiving and New Year, when commerce is king and the news can wait.

It has also changed for the colder here in Canada.  We even had a day or two of light snow in Vancouver for God's sake!  So these are the days when we are busy working out our strategies for surviving the rest of the winter.  We don't have time for much else.  The arrival of the snow earlier this week prompted me to buy a cruise in the Caribbean.  We're sailing in less than two weeks.  Lots to do in advance of that, to get ready.  Lots to do at work if I'm to finish for the year on the 14th.  But it'll be worth it.

So, you see, there's just too much going on for me to post a lot.  That could change any day, of course.  We'll see.

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