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Chile's New President

Last week there was Evo Morales in Bolivia, this week we have to celebrate the historic victory of Michelle Bachelet as the newly elected President of Chile!  As The New York Times has it:

"Her political success has baffled many Chileans who thought a left-leaning single mother jailed during Pinochet's dictatorship stood little chance in this socially conservative country."

That being said, she was extraordinarily successful in her role as Minister of Defense, where she "became a popular figure among the admirals and generals."  Politically, she follows closely in the footsteps of outgoing President Ricardo Lagos who led a market-oriented center coalition, and her recent comments about Morales and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez were not overly sympathetic.  However, one can always hope that her Socialist Party regains some of the progressive attitude it had during the days that her father worked with Salvador Allende.  Adding Chile to the growing anti-imperialist movement in Latin America would be a great coup.

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