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Same Old, Same Old

So we had an election in Canada yesterday;  another in those $250 million taxpayer-paid cabarets by which modern consumer-capitalism and its handmaiden democracy attempt to beguile you and me into thinking we have some say.  Nonsense, of course.

This time, the Canadian Conservatives -- a shadow of the US neocon fundamentalists -- will form a minority government.  They take the place of the scandal-wracked Liberals who had a minority government last time out.   With no hope of a parliamentary majority for anything radical, we face the next few years with the same old, same old stuff just with new faces to criticize.  Boring and wasteful.


I voted of course.  There were five candidates running in my riding and I voted for each and every one of them.  I figure that if they have the guts to put their names forward then they deserve my useless vote.

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