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Leave My Money Alone!

I'm sure I have written before about my loathing for the spending of taxpayers' money on the arts and sports and similar hobbies.  Almost every day my opinions on this are hardened with new evidence.

This morning I listened to a locally-based nationally-known stage actress tell a CBC radio interviewer that, with the reduction of Federal (i.e. taxpayer) subsidies, Canadian theatres are being forced to rely on box office receipts.  She said this with shock and horror, and with that professional certainty that the vast majority of her white middle-class audience would agree with her disgust at this wanton neglect.   She claimed that this would stiffle creativity because theatres would be obliged to put on old shows with a guaranteed clientele. The unspoken corollary is that the ticket-buying public is too stupid or too stuck in its ways to pay for new and inventive works and so they have to be forced to pay for them through their taxes. 

Such arrogance!  It is no wonder that such "liberals" or "left wingers" (for they would certainly describe themselves in such terms) are detested by anyone who actually cares to listen and think about what they are saying.  Their solution to every damned thing is to put their hands in my pockets and to do it while telling me how much better they know what I need than I do myself!  Social conservatives and corporate marketers are no less grasping and omniscient.

Liberals, left-wingers, corporatist fascists, Trotskyites, fundamentalists -- they are all the goddam same!   Leave me and my money alone!

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I hate to have to break it to you, but the general public is on the stupid side. Left to their own demises, we would be filled with the crap that fills the American airwaves: Fox News, half the programming on Spike TV, what A&E has become, and the President's State of the Union address.

When it comes to culture and arts, people will not willingly support the arts. Just like the technology sector where federal and provincial funds are available, the leading edge of art can't survive on what pays the public wants. Average Joe and Jane public would have Jim Carrey in every play and have nothing challenge them or make them think that there is anything outside their tiny little bubble.

While there are people out there who do promote and support the arts, it's in every Canadian's best interest to support and fund what makes our culture stronger and richer in content and context.

Posted by: mr Zebra | Feb 1, 2006 11:08:45 PM

The public is "stupid" because "they" don't like what you think they should like? Are you deaf to the arrogance of that?

"it's in every Canadian's best interest to support and fund what makes our culture stronger and richer in content and context" Why?

Posted by: Jak | Feb 1, 2006 11:31:53 PM

As a patron of the Shaw Festival in Ontario, I can only say that it is a jewel and a thing to be proud of. If only my tax dollars could go there. Last year we saw the full 3-hour (plus box lunch picnic on the lawn) version of Shaw's "Man and Superman". An extraordianary opportunity offered only in Canada.

Toronto has a fabulous public festival during the month July that puts US cities on the other side to shame. Another contemporary, exciting, cool, edge--all those things--and the people of Toronto love it, it must make them happy and proud.

In Montreal, there was a sidewalk photographic exhibition that was clever and beautiful. Made me long to give the US up for good.

All these things were given me in part thanks to Jak's tax dollars! Thank you, man!

Posted by: Nur al-Cubicle | Feb 5, 2006 8:53:36 AM