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Murray Bookchin

I am sad to learn of the death of Murray Bookchin, one of the foremost anarchist thinkers of our age.  He developed the theory of social ecology which strongly influenced Green movements around the world.  I certainly didn't agree with everything he wrote -- he was entirely wrong in my opinion that anarchism should be the extreme left wing of socialism (thus rejecting individualism) -- but I can say that his ideas on the environment and its relationship to capitalism have informed much of my own opinion.


"If we do not do the impossible we shall be faced with the unthinkable."

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Re Murray Bookchin passing away.

I run the websites:

The latest issue of blue (BlueGreenEarth Vol.5 #11 - August 20th 2006) has run two Bookchin pieces

Whither Bookchin? - Obituary, by Tim Barton
Obituary, by Rob Allen (for Freedom Anarchist Fortnightly)

We also republished our review of Re-Enchanting Humanity

In the previous issue we had run a reprint of our Local-Global Organising feature from November 2005's Lancaster University KnowledgeLab (UK), at which I gave a Social Ecology related seminar.

Our Institute is still in its early stages, despite plans over 15 years ago to get it running, However, in the last few months things have begun to forge ahead and in 2007 we hope to have several courses available. These may be in Hastings, Ipswich, or Cork, and we hope offer them further afield over the next few years.

I hope this is of interest to you. We too were very sad to hear of Murray's death, though aware it was kind of due.


PS I also run the blog:

Posted by: Tim | Aug 28, 2006 10:36:29 AM

I too published a tribute to Murray. Fine blog you have here. You might want to join the Canadian Progressive Bloggers aggregator. Check my blog for a link

Posted by: Eugene Plawiuk | Sep 11, 2006 2:54:13 AM