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I've been following the Foley scandal, of course.  The intrinsic facts of the matter are rather boring (except perhaps to the people actually involved), and yet it is a major scandal.  We are seeing once again that it is not what one does that is important, rather it is how one and others handle what one did that creates the problem.  The cover-up is nearly always more important than the event itself.

I'm fascinated by the minutia:  that the Rev. Moon's Washington Times -- a truly conservative bastion -- was the first media outlet to call for the resignation of Speaker Hastert;  that Fox News would firm up its position as the GOP's propoganda arm by claiming tonight that Foley was a Democrat;  that Katherine Harris doesn't have enough of her own problems without putting her nose into this one; how Tom Reynolds keeps digging his own grave deeper and deeper.

All this and an election in five weeks!   It makes me weak at the knees.

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