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Why Both Parties Deserve To Lose

Regular readers know that I am an anarchist:  I hold no truck with the phony "freedom" offered by modern electoral politics.  With that out of the way, it is probably also obvious that I am fascinated by the power games that political parties play and that therefore I follow electoral politics rather closely.  With that in mind, I want to draw your attention to a smart and clever piece in Fortune magazine by Cait Murphy entitled "Why The Republicans Deserve To Lose." 

Despite the title, Murphy constructs an argument that neither side deserves to win next week, but that the Democrats will take the prize based on anti-Bush sentiment rather than anything positive to do with Democratic policies.

"Democrats may well benefit politically from the mess in Iraq - but only by default, because the only discernible Democratic policy on the matter is to blame Bush for it. More troops? Fewer? A timetable for withdrawal? With conditions? Who knows?

On immigration, entitlement reform, military tribunals, education, the environment - the Democrats have been intellectually missing in action. (Hint: Bashing Wal-Mart  is not an economic policy and trashing Big Oil is not an environmental one.) If they take Congress in November, it will not be because they did the soul-searching Labor did in the '90s or the Republicans in the '70s. It will be because the public wants to spank Bush."

As Murphy concludes, the Democrats are going to need a lot more than anti-Bush to win in 2008.

This is a thoughtful piece that deserves to be read.

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