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Worlds Most Dangerous Occupation

The worlds most dangerous occupation is not, as you might imagine, an Iraqi police recruit.  It is, in fact, being the oldest person in the world.

The current holder of that position is a less-than-sprightly 114-year old Japanese lady in Tokyo.  She has held the title since Sunday when Emma Tillman, also 114, died in the US.  Ms Tillman had herself only held the title since the previous Wednesday when a 115-year old Puerto Rican had passed on.

These old folks are dying off quicker than medieval Popes.  Its a dangerous business being that old.

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Hawai'i Annexation

Today is the 114th anniversary of the takeover of the Hawai'i Islands by American trading interests, overthrowing the native kingdom.  America already had a long history of violent and genocidal imperialist annexation ("Manifest Destiny") on the mainland.  The coup in Honolulu was a logical, if long, step into the Pacific.

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