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An Horrific Catch-22

One of the many tragedies within the US justice and corrections system is the Catch-22 that affects only the genuinely innocent.   If you are truly innocent but are found guilty of rape(s), you will generally serve more time than will a genuinely guilty rapist. 

The problem:  you cannot qualify for sex offender treatment in prison unless you accept your guilt; and you cannot get parole without having completed the sex offender treatment.  Thus, the truly innocent -- those who simply cannot accept guilt for something they haven't done -- don't even get on the parole track and have to serve their entire sentence.  Meanwhile, vicious rapists are released years or even decades earlier.

An unlikely scenario?  I bet that's what Anthony Capozzi thought some 22 years ago when he was charged with two rapes.  DNA evidence finally cleared him earlier this year, and the prosecutors fully supported his release. 

Unfortunately, it is a bit late for Mr Capozzi.  He has severe schizophrenia and is currently confined at the Central New York Psychiatric Centre.  The system literally drove him crazy.  Can you blame him?  His lawyer intends to sue the State to ensure that he receives the treatment he now needs.

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