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I'm A Transit Booster, But ....

I know a lot of people will disagree, but I think Vancouver transit is pretty darned good.  Do I have qualifications to make such a statement?  I sold my last car in 1991 and I've used transit essentially every day since -- 16 years or more.   Every workday, I travel from Commercial Drive to Richmond, and back; a total of about 2 and a half hours commuting each day.  I wouldn't go back to traveling by car every day.

Bus However, I do have to object to the awful new cattle-truck type buses that have been introduced on some routes.  Riding a bus should be a pleasure, an oasis from the rest of the city.  One should be warm and comfortably seated.  That's not an option on these trucks, where the few seats seem designed for discomfort and are separated by wide open standing spaces.   These buses are more cavernous than a SkyTrain compartment.  These buses are a dreadful mistake, especially when the wonderfully articulated 98s, 99s and 135s show they can do so much better.

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Props to ya! Here in Atlanta we are not so fortunate to have anything other than those regular buses you're not used to yet. Our newspaper just did an article on how wonderful your transit system and whole city design is.

I've blogged about it today so check it out, but yeah, I agree with you that Vancouver has a lot to boost about. Spread the world!

Posted by: Johnathon Fitzpatrick | May 27, 2007 10:17:36 PM

With respect to the new trolley buses, I do like them better in comparison to some of the older diesel buses. In the diesel buses, I found that the seats were much too wide and occupied so much space that standing passengers barely had room to move around. I like the cavernous feel because it feels open and now I have room to get around those passengers who insist on standing on the low-floor portion of the bus. Move to the back people. Thank you.

However, my one big beef with the trolleys is that there are not enough places to hold onto. I've been caught once when I was moving to the back. I lost my footing and knocked into a pole. In another case, I literally saw woman miss grabbing the pole by 1 inch and then was jerked to the floor when the bus had to make an emergency stop. The trolley was cut off by a car. We had to call in an ambulance. So I really watch my grip on those new trolleys.

In comparison to the old trolleys, I do like the old trolleys better. However, we'll never have buses like that again because all future buses will be low-floor and those front wheel wells take up at least 4 possible seats.

Posted by: Henry | Jun 27, 2007 10:31:21 PM