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Life Degraded: Pickton's Entourage

I don't always agree with Jamie Lee Hamilton, but on this occasion I think she hits the nail right on the head.  She is writing about the Robert Pickton/Missing Women Case.

Sadly, in this case, so far, all witnesses for the crown have had their credibility shattered. This is a result of their rampant drug use and alleged criminal histories. Their criminal ways have been exposed, including assaults, welfare and credit card fraud, drug trafficking, violence with a weapon (gun) and it goes on and on.

For certain, drug addicts are very sick people and I agree we should be treating them medically for their conditions. Having said this, we simply cannot overlook or dismiss their criminal ways. I hate to say it because, I do not want to be seen as attacking drug addicts, however, their lives are full of lies, deception and criminality.

The Pickton trial simply re-affirms to the public that drug addicts and drug addiction are harmful to society. So many lives have been ruined and destroyed as a result of drug mis-use and in the aftermath of the Pickton carnage, we are witnessing the complicity of many individuals in what have been serial killings (murders).

For those of us who strive for the elimination of sanctions against personal drug use, these cases are a disaster.  I have no answer, but I'm glad she made me think about it again.

Update:  I have uploaded here the Special Report on Vancouver recently issued by the UN Population Fund.  It makes for unpleasant reading.

Today, the Downtown Eastside is home to an estimated 10,000 people—many of whom are homeless, drug or alcohol addicted and/or mentally ill. The majority of residents supplement their miserable existence by scavenging for recyclables, stealing or selling their bodies for drugs and/or food ... [and more]


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