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Missing In Action -- Vancouver East

There is a new magazine in Vancouver.  It is called "Granville" and it purports to be focused on the idea of sustainability.  That's fair enough and welcome.

However, while the magazine's premier issue includes a list of "sustainability" events happening across the city in the next few months, it completely fails to mention the two "Car-Free Festival" days we have on Commercial Drive this month and next.  Wildly popular last year, these events specifically celebrate the sustainability of neighbourhoods, and how neighbourhoods can be vital places without automobiles and their desperate pollution.

Can it be that editors of "Granville" are unaware of these events (bad reporting)?  Or perhaps they don't think of our festivals as being concerned with sustainability (lack of imagination)?  Or, sad to say, has this new magazine fallen for that old westside habit (think "Vancouver" magazine) of thinking that nothing east of Main Street is of any value?  That would be very sad.

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