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Rates of Infant Genital Mutilation Fall in US

There is, at last, some good news out of America -- the number of baby boys who are genitally mutilated is falling.  The revolting surgery of infant circumcision is, it seems, finally falling out of fashion.  Thank God!

I have nothing at all against circumcision for those who are adult and religiously inclined;  it shows a true commitment to their beliefs.  But the genital mutilation of baby boys without, of course, their consent should be a serious crime -- no different than scalding a baby or shaking them -- and the perpetrators, parents and doctors, should be sent to prison for long periods. 

It is a relief to see that many new parents agree with this philosophy.

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get a life..to each their own....have heard and seen both sides of the debate..do what you wish....my sons are because their dad is and it will continue like this for decades..ask my son if he is traumatized because of it and he'll tell you you're crazy. Keep your opinions to yourself

Posted by: Get a life | Mar 23, 2011 12:03:50 PM