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Our mayor Sam Sullivan and the self-styled leadership of the municipal workers' union have between them cocked up contract talks. 


We find ourself on day two of a long-anticipated and anticipated to be a long strike.  Some libraries are closed, along with community centers, swimming pools, some daycare facilities, and a range of inside services such as land titles and permit applications.  The temperature is cool right now, and it is wet.  But the summer is expected to return in full force soon.  And with that will come piles of stinking household rubbish clogging the lanes (tell me again why household garbage collection isn't an essential service?)

I'm an anarchist, not a syndicalist, not even a Wobblie.  Most unions are just as concerned with controlling the working man and woman as are any board of directors or tyrannical owner.  The municipal workers' union is no different.  Meanwhile, Sullivan and his cronies have proven themselves incapable of managing the situation to anyone's benefit.  Technocrats rise or fall on the success of their compromises;  -- here, they have failed completely.

For us it is all just a bloody mess that we have to live through. 

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