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Joe Biden the Loser

I'm watching the AFL-CIO Democratic Presidential Forum and Joe Biden just blew it.

At the end of the first segment, during which Keith Olberman asked questions, there was a vigorous debate regarding Barrack Obama's weekend statements about invading Pakistan to attack al Qaeda.  Obama was attacked by almost everyone else, he defended himself strongly, and a good time was had by all.  Except, it seems, for Joe Biden.

The second half of the "debate" had questions asked by union members in the audience.  The very first question was asked by a woman from West Virginia who identified herself as having lost her husband in the Sago mine disaster last year.  Her question was about industrial safety and was addressed to Joe Biden.  After a single sentence of sympathy, Biden ignored her question -- and thus her pain -- and insisted on getting in the last word on Pakistan. 

It was incredible.  This was an experienced politician who, in his singular desire to pat himself on the back, seemed entirely to forget that he was faced by a tragic union widow, in front of a fully union audience, at a time when six miners are once again lost underground in Utah.  He never returned to her question and was rightly booed by sections of the audience.

Biden was never going to be a player in this contest but when he does finally fall off the stage, I hope that this moment of crass selfish stupidity will be remembered as one of its causes.

* * *

PS:  It is 10:20pm PDT and I just looked at the home page of CNN US. Looking at that page it would not be possible to know that the Democrats (one of whom is likely to be the next President) are debating tonight.  Bizarre, no?

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