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Soon silence will have passed into legend.

"Soon silence will have passed into legend.  Man has turned his back on silence.  Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation.  Tooting, howling, screeching, booming, crashing, whistling, grinding and trilling bolster his ego."  -- Jean Arp

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Silence? If you have that, it's obvious that you don't have a wife.

I'm just saying...


Posted by: jerry w. | Oct 12, 2007 4:03:29 PM

Ah, Jerry. That post was written almost immediately after I proposed a year of silence. And I'm his wife! From time to time I spend a day in silence. I go into the city, goof around, shop...I just don't talk. There's plenty of noise goin' on.

Posted by: Sherry King | Oct 12, 2007 7:40:16 PM