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The Dead Hand of Socialism

The cloying dead hand of socialism has fallen across BC in the form of "affirmative action" regulations approved by the New Democratic Party for the next provincial election.  There are now racial and gender quotas for candidates, and central rule by an iron fist.

People often assume that, as an anarchist, I must somehow be a socialist at heart, or at least a far-left-winger.  Wrong.  Socialism is much farther away from the principles of anarchism than is capitalism, for example.  And these new rules vividly illustrate the problems with socialist theory and practice.

Socialism of all kinds -- from the softest utopian Owenism to the harshest national socialism -- is founded on two fundamental principles-- elitism and fascism:   (a) the masses (and even the constituency parties) are too stupid to make up their own minds and need to be led by what the Trotskyites call the "vanguard" -- a repugnant elitism by any name; and (b) the good of the society outweighs the rights of the individual; this is fascism by any definition.

These new rules by the Grand Poobah Carole James and her clique are profoundly anti-democratic, robbing the local voters of all choice.  I have  never been tempted to vote for the NDP.  This disturbing fascistic elitism guarantees that I never will.

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I'm an anarchist, but I know some about trotsky and know plenty about the NDP. The majority of communists today do not hold a "vanguardist" approach to revolution. Your Socialism is a straw man and makes as many enemies for us anarchists on the left as we have on the right. Your intentions are completely well placed and i totally sympathize with you. but by being so much more enlightened than your next door neighbour, you already constitute a vanguard. No right minded leftist imagines all the proletariat achieving class conciousness and a basic literacy in revolutionary theory all at once. That is an entirely romantic view of society. On the other hand, no real trotskyist I know espouses a desire for "vanguardism" in your sense. democracy as it is today is antithetical to class struggle in all forms, in all spectrums of the left. Unless of course you are some form of american libertarian in which case i am wasting my words.

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