We went today to see the exhibition of drawings and prints by Andy Warhol that is currently gracing the ground floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

warhol_lenin_red_2This was an impressive exhibition, with a wide range of Warhol's work, many of which were completely new to me. I particularly enjoyed his early work on shoes for magazine spreads. Perhaps my favourite new piece was "Red Lenin", superbly displayed in a room otherwise dominated by the "Hammer and Sickle" series. The exhibition is rounded out with many well-known Warhol pieces -- the Marilyns, the Maos, soup cans, etc -- and the curating is excellent with interesting and appropriate written materials on both individual pieces and complete career segments.

If you can get to see this show, either here in Vancouver until September, or at some other incarnation, I would thoughly recommend it.

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